What is a Blog and Why it Matters for Your Business

by Evotive


bloggingA Blog (originally known as a weblog) started back in the mid to late 1990′s as an online journal. That was the beginning of what’s now known as a personal blog, or personal blogging.

Individuals would write publicly about their lives, their observations, their point of view etc..

Blogs became mainstream around 2004-2005 and many people began blogging (writing online) about whatever they felt they wanted to write about.

Typically blogs have an area for commenting and this is how community is built within a blog, and within the blogosphere as a whole.

A blog is updated frequently, but that can range between several times a day, to once a week, or once a month.

Each entry is called a “post,” but often people who aren’t familiar with blogs call it an article. Typically posts range in overall length, or amount of words. Most commonly the range for each post is between 30o to 1200 words per post.

You can organize your posts into categories, which helps the reader find the relevent information they’re looking for. There is SEO (search engine optimization) value in having categories too, when used correctly. But we’re not getting into that discussion right now on this post.

Beyond personal blogs, there are now Corporate and Organizational Blogs.

More and more businesses are adding a blog to their business. This is great news! We love seeing the increase in this “trend.” It’s not a passing trend. It’s reflective of the modern times, and the they way successful businesses do business now Vs before.

Gone are the days where a business could hide poor quality or poor service, and simply bamboozle customers into a hard close to get the sale. These days we live in an era of transparency and public customer reviews.

Customer service is in the forefront. Customers are more educated than ever before and they share their opinions in the form of reviews.

Once you decide to add a blog to your business website there are a couple of things we recommend you think about.

You have the option of adding your blog as a page of your website, or, as a separate website. One example of this is Coca-Cola’s blog. Typically we recommend having your blog as a page on your current website such as this blog on this website here! Another example is Disney Theme Parks. It’s easier for your customers and prospects to find your blog when it’s attached to your site.

We recommend a business blog contain helpful posts (articles) that serve to educate or inform a customer or a potential customer. Whether you’re a small, midsize, or big business your blog can include some personal posts and personal touches such as posts about:

  • A new employee (or a promotion)
  • An employee graduates from a degree or certificate program
  • A company picnic

You can write a post about these personal moments and include photos. Adding Personal touches to a business blog will make your company more personable and visitors to your website have the opportunity to get to know your business’ essence.

Writing blog posts isn’t for everyone and it can be time-consuming, but ultimately the benefits of having a blog outweigh not having one.

There are conflicting ideas on what benefits a business can receive by having a blog. Our next post will be 7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Have A Blog, and that post will outline the main benefits.

Do not expect your blog to generate immediate sales, that’s not its primary function and it’s not likely to happen. Your blog serves as an added value to your clients, customers and prospects. When used properly it can be a great branding tool and a nice way to have your prospects get to know you and help with their buying decision. Stay tuned for 7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Have A Blog.

Questions or comments? Please share below.

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