{Social Media Management}

social media managerMore and more businesses are outsourcing their Social Media Management to save on the cost of hiring an in-house social media manager.  Salaries for Social Media Managers range from $50,000 – $70,000 per year. It makes sense to have Evotive Marketing handle your social media marketing and management  for a fraction of the cost.

What does Social Media Management involve?

Social Media Management is a blend of skills including: Public Relations, Customer Service, Sales, Marketing, Advertising, Community Communications and Brand Advocacy. It’s active marketing, it’s not passive like an advertisement.

What does a Social Media Manager do?

  • Depending on the needs of your business your social media manager might simply manage your social media accounts. That means they would interact with customers, post status updates, respond to statements customers (or fans) make on your public profile. They would handle the direct messages, add friends/followers, post relevant content and respond to comments. They may be responsible for growing your audience and be your direct link to learning what people are saying about your business online.
  • Beyond simply managing your social media accounts they may take on a more advanced marketing role such as creating specific social media marketing campaigns, create social media advertisements such as Facebook ads and track the results.
  • Your social media manager may take on the role of copywriter and content creator, writing blog posts etc…
  • They may even be in charge of your reputation management. Being the eyes and ears of your business and keeping on top of what’s being said about your business online, as well as responding to negative reviews and complaints.

Social Media for business can be incredibly confusing and frustrating.  It can appear to be  free and easy, but for many, after they attempt to use it, they discover it’s not “working.” Typically, there needs to be advertising dollars set aside for social media advertising and social media campaigns in order for it to “work” or give you the results you desire. It’s not free, but it’s less expensive than traditional advertising.

You need a social media manager who understands how to work with your branding message, interact with your customers and grow your customer base. It’s not a job for just anyone.

We offer a range of social media management options as well as more robust complete marketing solution.

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