{ About Evotive }

Evotive is a Huntington Beach based internet marketing company that specializes in building your business’s online presence. We offer a wide-array of online marketing services, including social media management, online reputation management, and search engine optimization.

We specialize in helping businesses develop and grow a solid online presence that reflects their essence spirit and personality. We’ve worked with a wide range of business across multiple industries and we understand that every business is unique. Your business deserves a custom, non-cookie-cutter, web presence.

With a focus on building the exposure and engagement your business needs, we help you attract and retain the right customers.

We begin the process by working with you to identify the spirit of your business, and clarify what it is that makes your business unique. From that point we can then define your unique selling point, and with this in mind we move to develop your marketing strategy in order to get your business known to the potential customers who are looking for what you have to offer. Our specialty is building out your online presence, and online reputation, in a way that reflects your business’s essence.

With over ten years of marketing and business development experience, we are able to connect traditional marketing efforts with online marketing. Our focus is to provide our clients with innovative online marketing strategies including Mobile MarketingReputation ManagementLocal Search OptimizationSearch Engine Optimization (SEO)Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and more.

Internal Marketing

Beyond internet marketing, we also provide seminars and training on internal marketing. Internal marketing focuses on your employees. Far too often businesses forget how important employee morale is, and the marketing power that employees have. When your employees interact with customers and prospects, their attitude and behavior can dramatically affect whether or not the customer will continue to be a customer, or whether the prospect will turn into a customer.

How we work

In our initial meeting we’ll analyze your current marketing strategy and its strengths and weaknesses. Although our focus is online marketing strategies, we also work with other forms of traditional marketing which are effective and beneficial to certain industries. It’s important to maintain the best marketing mix for your business!

After our initial consultation, we’ll make recommendations for the services that we feel serve you best and put together a marketing plan for your business.

We are sure to give the necessary individual attention to each customer and each project. Located in Orange County, Southern California, we enjoy the opportunity to work with our local neighboring businesses, though we also work with those across the country.

For inquiries please call or email us

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