{ Online Reputation Management }

reputation managementDo you know what your business’s reputation looks like online?

Have you Googled yourself and your business lately?

The only thing worse than no online presence, is a negative one. If you don’t love what you see when you Google your name or your business’s name, we can help.

We provide both Reputation Monitoring and Reputation Management services.

Reputation Monitoring – Reputation monitoring involves consistent searching and scouring the internet to keep updated about what’s being said about your business online. The reason this is important is, the sooner we catch it means the sooner we can deal with it.

People may write negative comments about your business for any number of reasons. It could be an angry ex-employee, it could be an unsatisfied customer,  or it could be someone who has no real reason to write something negative but they do anyway, they’re often referred to as “trolls.”

The internet is a great big world and it can work for you or against you. If it’s working against you, you’ll need more than just reputation monitoring, you’ll need reputation management.


reputation monitoring reputation management

Reputation Management Reputation management is a multi-layer process and it fluctuates depending on the particular situation. Sometimes it’s a matter of responding to a negative review and reaching out to the customer personally with an attempt to resolve the issue.  Other times we need to create search engine optimized content that will push the negative articles down further in the search rankings. In short that means your more flattering results will come up on the first couple of pages in Google (or Yahoo, or Bing) and the negative content will be further down, on the less looked at pages.  It’s a complex process, and we work to find the best solution for the individual business’s needs.

Whether you simply want to maintain your sparkling reputation or you need to do some damage control, we can help protect your reputation.

There are some situations when we will not take on a client for reputation management. Typically this happens when the business is not open to changing their company culture and they simply do not believe in having quality customer service.  If  you promise a money back guarantee and simply make it nearly impossible for the unsatisfied customer to receive their money back upon return or cancellation, you will continue to receive negative comments 0n Ripoff Report, Complaints Board, My 3 Cents, Trip Advisor, Better Business Bureau etc…

We value business ethics and we will do our best to help you when reputation is being slandered. We do work through an in-depth process with you before we determine whether or not your business is a good fit for our services.

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