{ Website Creation }

website designYour website is one of your biggest marketing tools, it can be a major part of your business’s marketing strategy. If done right, it will serve as the center of your businesses communication, to both search engines and customers.

Your website can be an online hub for your business where your community can interact, and keep up to date.

As a marketing company, we didn’t set out to specialize in web design. We started building websites for our clients out of customer  necessity.

Most of our customers had out of date websites, and whoever created their site originally was no longer around. They were stuck with a website that they couldn’t access and make changes to. This is was incredibly common and a giant frustration for them. That’s when we started building websites that are user-friendly.

We make sure that our customers find it easy to update and change the information on their web pages. After all, why shouldn’t you be able to change your hours of operation, your specials, etc…  Businesses need to be able to have a website that they can make changes to.

It’s important that your website not only has a clean, nice looking design that helps your website’s functionality, but it’s also important to have it developed in a way that is SEO friendly. A gorgeous fancy design that isn’t optimized will limit your visibility and exposure.

Since we’re a marketing company, we understand the need to have your site reflect your brand, be user-friendly so you can make changes, and to have it optimized for the search engines.

If you don’t have a website we can create one for you. If you don’t love the one you have, or you find that you can’t make any changes to it, we can redesign your site.

Contact us to set up an evaluation of your website needs.

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