Internet Marketing Orange County

Most Orange County businesses have websites that aren’t developed with internet marketing and search optimization in mind.

So few people use the old yellow pages to find a local business or service, it’s truly an end of an era. And that’s okay, we do live in such fast changing times just blink and you miss it.

The good news is that people are still looking for your products and services; they’re just looking differently than before.

They are going online and using the search engines. With out a strong internet marketing strategy in place,  your website won’t be seen by those who are looking for what you offer.

How do your customers find you?

It’s important to tell the search engines how you want your website to be found; otherwise it might only appear when you type in your business name, which isn’t great if you’re looking to target new customers who don’t know you yet, and therefore won’t search for you by business name.

Evotive is an Orange County Internet Marketing Company that helps small and mid-size business develop and maintain a complete internet marketing strategy.  We provide a wide array of internet marketing services for local businesses.

Our services include:
Reputation Management
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Management
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Local Search Optimization
Website Creation
Email Marketing
Mobile Marketing
QR Codes
Mobile Websites
SMS Text Message Marketing

We analyze your current and past marketing efforts, help you review and shape your unique selling point, examine your target market and ideal customer profile, and from there we build out your online presence in a way that reflects your business’s essence and personality.

You may not need every marketing tool that exists; it’s about choosing the best tools for your particular business. Below is a list of the most effective internet marketing activities.

Effective Internet Marketing Services:

Local Search - With local search optimization your website appears when local consumers are online looking for your type of business. If your business relies on local customers and local clients, then local SEO is a critical marketing tool for you.

Search Engine Optimization – Gets your website in front of the people who are looking for the very thing your business offers. When they enter the search, your website appears.

Social Media Marketing and Management (SMM) - SMM is customer service, marketing, branding, community management, and customer satisfaction (voice of the customer) all wrapped up into one activity. If used correctly, it’s a great opportunity to learn about your business’s strengths and weakness through the eyes of the consumer. We can help you develop and maintain your social media action plan.

Online Content – Creating quality content for your website and blog often seems easier than it is, until you realized months have past and nothing has been written or updated.  Evotive can produce quality content that’s search optimized and relevant to your brand.

Reputation Management - Reputation Management is managing your business is known, or seen online. Ideally your business will be known for the positive qualities of its products and services.

When internet marketing is done right, it creates a strong web presence and gets your website in front of the right people, the ones who are looking for the very thing your business offers.

We would love to talk about your internet marketing efforts, and talk about how Evotive can contribute to your business’s success. Contact us today (949) 667-1840