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mobile marketing

Mobile Marketing
Don’t be fooled into thinking mobile marketing is just a trend. With over 5.3 billion mobile users in the world and 327 million in the U.S., you’ll definitely want to be able reach them!
Your Mobile marketing strategy can include any of the following cool tools to get your business connected with your customers:

  • Mobile Websites are optimized for the small screens and touch navigation of mobile devices to make it easier for your website visitors to get the info they need to become customers.
  • QR codes are those funny looking square bar-codes that when scanned with a mobile device can take a potential customer to your website, reveal a coupon, or present important contact info about your business.
  • SMS Text Messaging is a great way to announce last-minute specials, customer loyalty incentives, appointment reminders, and more!


social media marketingSocial Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing is more than simply having a profile on Facebook or Twitter; it involves using strategies for engaging with your customers and prospective customers, deepening customer loyalty, and turning customers into fans. SMM allows your business’s personality to shine through and attract the right customers.
When done right, you’ll find that SMM includes numerous elements such as customer service, marketing, branding, community management and voice of the customer. You’ll learn your businesses strengths and weakness through the eyes of the consumer. It can be the eyes and ears your business needs in order to stay on top of its competition.


social-media-managerSocial Media Management
As your Social Media Manager, we’ll work with you to create an active and engaging social media presence that reflects your brand. We work closely with you to be sure we are posting relevant and approved messages. It’s like having an extra representative, or brand ambassador, from your business, interacting and engaging with your customers.
Not only does it save you the time of having to do it on your own, you’ll also have peace of mind that we have the skills to grow your community while honoring the voice of your brand.


reputation management reputation monitoring Reputation Management
Reputation Management involves monitoring what’s being said about your business online. We help you maintain a more positive result that reflects your business’s essence, personality, and character. Typically this involves responding to positive and negative reviews, promoting accurate and truthful content, and working with you to ensure that your business’ online reputation shows the positive qualities of your products and services.


Local Search OptimizationLocal Search Optimization
Rather than using the old yellow pages, more and more people are using search engines to find local businesses, products, and services. With local search optimization we can help increase the chances of your website appearing in those search results thereby driving more traffic to your website and your business. This is what makes Local SEO a critical marketing tool for every local business.


seo-search engine optimizationSearch Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search Engine Optimization improves the chances of your website appearing in national and local search results which can then lead to increased traffic to your website and your business. This can be achieved by having relevant quality links to your website and optimizing your site for the words that people use in search engines such as Google and Bing. Example, if you’re a cupcake bakery, you’ll want your website optimized for terms related to local cupcake bakeries.


website-design-servicesWebsite Creation
Your website is one of your biggest marketing tools, it can be a major part of your business’s marketing strategy. If your business needs a website or needs to give your old design a fresh new look and feel, we can help.


email marketingEmail Marketing
If you’ve never sent a newsletter your customers, or if you’ve tried and found no positive results we can help you with your e-mail marketing. It’s still a great way to keep in front of your customers and grow your relationship.


content marketingBlog Development and Article Writing
Writing articles on your business website’s blog is a great way to share your knowledge and genuinely be of service to your community. We can help you write the articles, grow your community and get your message out to those who would benefit from it.


marketing consultant Marketing Consultation
If your business just needs to brainstorm marketing strategies and you want to implement them yourself, then customized consulting is for you. There’s always the option to blend consulting in with the above services; we customize solutions on an individual basis.

* We customize solutions for each individual client. We offer on-going monthly services, on going or periodic  consulting, and one time set-up options. After our first meeting we’ll determine what would best fit your needs.


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