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social media manager
What’s a Social Media Manager? …and do you need one?

social media manager is also known as a community manager. It’s often a bit confusing for businesses to decide how to delegate social media. They wonder which department should handle it …is it best for Human Resources,  Marketing, Sales, Communications, or Customer Service?

Is it best for several people and several departments, or is it best for one person to handle it while working with the other departments to be sure everyone’s on the same page with the social media campaigns and interactions?

  • Who will handle the Facebook Page, the Twitter account, the You Tube Channel etc…
  • Who will interact with the customers and prospects on your social media accounts?
  • Who will respond to the unhappy customer and customer issues and concerns?
  • Who will create and execute the social media campaigns, contests etc…
  • Who will grow interaction and community
  • Who will approve and upload appropriate photos?

These are the questions many businesses face when thinking about using social media for their business. In small businesses each employee wears multiple hats and there isn’t the luxury of full-on departments.  In mid-size companies sometimes there are complete departments, but then the challenge remains: who will handle this?

The businesses that use social media best are ones who blend marketing and customer service with a bit of sales strategy as well. These businesses carefully manage their social media.

Let Evotive Marketing be your Social Media Manager!

We work with you to determine the best social media strategy for your business and we create custom solutions, we design solutions specifically for you and your business.

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