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How do I know if I need consulting or ongoing service?

This is the main reason we start with an assessment meeting.  Prior to meeting with you, we will have researched your business, reviewed your website, your web presence, and your competition.  We’ll do some keyword research and take a look at your competition.  During our assessment meeting we’ll ask a series of questions to better understand your business in the market place. After our assessment meeting we’ll know if we are a good fit for each other. If we are a good match, we’ll make the appropriate suggestions. If we decide to move forward, we will then create a customized marketing plan.

Not everyone needs ongoing service. Some businesses are simply stuck and need a new marketing campaign and for those, consulting is best.

What makes you different from other Marketing Consultants and Internet Marketers?

We have a broad background which includes working in sales, marketing and business development in both “business to consumer” and “business to business” environments, across multiple industries.  Our breadth of experience gives us layers of insight that others may not have.

We are sure to provide marketing services and strategies that are in alignment with your brand. We’ll echo your branding in all that we do. This way it appears to more natural – it appears to be an extension of your businesses vision and mission statement. We are your invisible partner shining the best possible light on your business and driving your targeted audience to you.

Marketing is not simple, nor is it easy. However, we do make it appear that way to your customers.

What can I expect at our first meeting and what should I have prepared?

If you need to have something prepared, we will let you know in advance. Most often you don’t need anything in particular. We’ll be asking a series of questions about your businesses in order to better understand the big picture of where you are and where you want to grow. We’ll have already done my research and we will share our findings with you. We’ll get a better sense of what specifically your business needs. It may only need a couple of marketing tactics, or it may need a full-blown marketing strategy.  This is what we’ll be identifying during the first meeting.

What are all the services you offer?

We offer both traditional marketing and internet marketing solutions. We enjoy infusing old world marketing with new media, internet, marketing. Most businesses will find that a robust marketing strategy works best.

What services specifically can you offer?

We do offer traditional marketing, and often we bridge the online and offline marketing together when putting together each marketing strategy. I don’t list it here because most of the businesses we work with are interested in internet marketing.

Online Marketing:

  • SEO (On Page and Off Page)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Online Advertising
  • Video
  • Website Creation
  • Reputation Management
  • Business Blogging
  • Content Writing
  • Online Community Building
  • Analytics
  • Consulting
  • Training

How do I know what marketing services I need?

This is why the assessment is necessary. Often times a business will guess what they need, without knowing the big picture. This partial vision leads to thinking “I just need to start on Twitter” when your particular audience isn’t on Twitter, and may never be.  It’s our job to assess your current marketing situation and provide you with a marketing road map.

I’ve heard all too often “I got a Facebook page and nothing happened, so I setup  a Twitter account and still nothing is happening.  Why is that? Why is my competitor doing well in business right now and I’m not, and why do people rave about social media for business. I think I just need SEO.”

Now, do you see why we need to dig-in and assess your unique situation, analyze it and then make the right suggestions for you?

I tried having a Facebook fan page, but nothing happened. Why does social media marketing work for some businesses and not mine?

This question is a bit like the one above, but it’s so common that I had to include it. The issue is that you tried a marketing tactic without a strategy and it’s like throwing paint up on a wall hoping it will  give you a work of art. Marketing tactics without a strategy will yield moderate to poor results. The very same marketing tactics used properly and within a solid marketing strategy will yield strong, fantastic results, unless of course your business just isn’t competitive in the market place.

My business isn’t located near you; can we still meet and work together?

Absolutely.  When we work with local clients we have the luxury of meeting face to face and being able to visit your business. For businesses out of the area we meet via Skype.

Is it true that you don’t work with everyone?

It might sound strange, but yes there are some businesses we choose to work with and vice versa. Typically we’ll know by the end of first introductory meeting if Evotive Marketing is not a good fit for your company.


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